Monday, February 20, 2017

Dragon Knuckle Gloves Big Launch Day

It's here. 

I've been a nervous, busy wreck getting things ready for Big Launch Day.

I just pushed the big red "Launch" button. I just yelled "Shoot the Moon" out the window. I'm still nervous and busy.

This is it. My wife and I are business owners. We live and die by selling our product. It's time to show our kids how to build something of our own.

So please check out where you'll find Kathe Frahm's Basque Leg of Lamb recipe. (Yes, Kathe from the Seahawks and Old Women series.) You'll learn about my Beef Jerky Diet and more.

You can find me on Twitter as both @86ThePoet and @DragonKnuckleQ.

Investigate our YouTube channel, where the family and I have been doing wacky things with silhouettes, fire and no advertising budget at all.

And above all, please scope our Amazon listing. We use these gloves ourselves in the kitchen, at the grill and over the backyard fire pit. They're tough as hell and better than what the competition is putting out.

Heat-Resistant. Cut-Resistant. Breathable and Flexible. Excellent grip from the silicone texture. Custom design by My Gorgeous Illustrator, the same woman responsible for each of my book covers.

So help a poet out. Repost, retweet, share, forward and buy. And cook, feast, celebrate, host and grab life by the coals.

And ask yourself: Could Dragon Knuckle BBQ Gloves be tougher than your house?

(And should I have stayed in acting? Probably.)