Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dragon Knuckle Launch Day

It has nothing to do with poetry, but let's face it. Half of this blog doesn't either.

My wife and I are on the verge of launching our Amazon business. We're selling Heat-Resistant, Cut-Resistant Gloves for cooking, grilling or barbecuing.

The product is for sale right now, but we're planning an all-out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog assault on the internet.

It's a big monster. You need to punch it in the eye to get its attention.

So in a couple days it will be Big Launch Day.

Want to help?

You know how the internet works. Traffic builds traffic.

So if you want your boy Mr. Six to have the time and peace of mind to write Cathartes Aura 3, Down Pressure, the Marcel mystery series or anything at all, please help out the business.

Message me by any means necessary if you can assist. I thank you in advance.

The word is like butter. Spread the word.