Monday, February 27, 2017

Pork or Beef?

Image via Flickr by floodllama
(First of all, before I distract anyone with the actual topic of this post, where can I get this Lego set?)

To all the vegetarians and vegans out there, I respect your choices. But we're talking about meat.

I propose a character-revealing question. It's simple:

If for the rest of your life you could never eat pork or never eat beef, which would you give up?

Never again steak? Or never again ham? Abstain from either brisket or bacon?

You must choose.

I believe many people consider a T-bone or ribeye to be the king of meats. They would never consent to a life without beef.

I probably run against the grain of the average American man because...

...I say pork.

I'll pass on the filet mignon, tri-tip and the flank steak, begrudgingly. But I can't live without pork loin, spare ribs or prosciutto.

I like seafood, but the most common protein in my house is pork. I believe pork spare ribs to be the best of all ribs.

I want your opinion in one or more of the following ways:

You can leave a comment. 

You can tweet vehemently in the direction of @DragonKnuckleQ.

You can answer the poll at the top right.

Or you can enjoy a discount on Dragon Knuckle BBQ Gloves. Use either coupon code PorkLoin or Brisket1 to get 20% off.

I want to see where this goes.

Pork or Beef?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dragon Knuckle Gloves Big Launch Day

It's here. 

I've been a nervous, busy wreck getting things ready for Big Launch Day.

I just pushed the big red "Launch" button. I just yelled "Shoot the Moon" out the window. I'm still nervous and busy.

This is it. My wife and I are business owners. We live and die by selling our product. It's time to show our kids how to build something of our own.

So please check out where you'll find Kathe Frahm's Basque Leg of Lamb recipe. (Yes, Kathe from the Seahawks and Old Women series.) You'll learn about my Beef Jerky Diet and more.

You can find me on Twitter as both @86ThePoet and @DragonKnuckleQ.

Investigate our YouTube channel, where the family and I have been doing wacky things with silhouettes, fire and no advertising budget at all.

And above all, please scope our Amazon listing. We use these gloves ourselves in the kitchen, at the grill and over the backyard fire pit. They're tough as hell and better than what the competition is putting out.

Heat-Resistant. Cut-Resistant. Breathable and Flexible. Excellent grip from the silicone texture. Custom design by My Gorgeous Illustrator, the same woman responsible for each of my book covers.

So help a poet out. Repost, retweet, share, forward and buy. And cook, feast, celebrate, host and grab life by the coals.

And ask yourself: Could Dragon Knuckle BBQ Gloves be tougher than your house?

(And should I have stayed in acting? Probably.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dragon Knuckle Launch Day

It has nothing to do with poetry, but let's face it. Half of this blog doesn't either.

My wife and I are on the verge of launching our Amazon business. We're selling Heat-Resistant, Cut-Resistant Gloves for cooking, grilling or barbecuing.

The product is for sale right now, but we're planning an all-out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog assault on the internet.

It's a big monster. You need to punch it in the eye to get its attention.

So in a couple days it will be Big Launch Day.

Want to help?

You know how the internet works. Traffic builds traffic.

So if you want your boy Mr. Six to have the time and peace of mind to write Cathartes Aura 3, Down Pressure, the Marcel mystery series or anything at all, please help out the business.

Message me by any means necessary if you can assist. I thank you in advance.

The word is like butter. Spread the word.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Dragon has Landed

I told you my wife and I have been up to something at Amazon. You've been patient.

Your patience is about to be rewarded. Look what we found:

Finally in our hands and soon to be on yours. We're taking pictures, running tests and finalizing our Amazon listing.

The big surprise: they're better than we thought. They're thicker and more durable that our initial samples. 

Can your gloves withstand this?

Yes, I put my hand on the stove, turned it up to High and left it there for a half minute or more. It wasn't hot. We had enough pictures and I was getting bored.

Can your gloves do this?

Yeah, I got the chimney starter going as hot as I could then picked it up. I held it long enough to get a few dozen pictures. Then I dumped the coals into the barbecue not because of the heat.

I had to make some ribs.

In the kitchen, at the barbecue, on the grill or over the campfire we know heat protection is #1. But cut resistance is nice, too, so we incorporated Para-Aramid fibers like those found in bulletproof vests, fencing uniforms and motorcycle armor.

Not only can you do this:

But the gloves are extra durable. Those fibers aren't going to wear out.

My Gorgeous Illustrator doesn't like it when we use this joke:

Will Dragon Knuckle gloves stop a bullet? Yes, if it's thrown at you.

(Our legal team doesn't suggest you try to stop a bullet if it's shot at you. Avoid those kinds of parties.)

If you're thinking about putting your own products for sale on Amazon, have one free lesson on us. Remember the last picture? Amazon frowns on weapons in product pictures even if they prove a point.

That picture with the knife may not be allowed in the final cut.

How do we celebrate the arrival of our Dragon Knuckle gloves? How do you think?

Jerky's in the oven right now. Do you need Meta-Aramid gloves when you're only cooking at 170?

No, but I'm on a beef jerky diet.

Seriously. More on that later.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Poet with Dragon Knuckles

Dragon Knuckle Day is on the way.

My Gorgeous Illustrator and I, acting on training from my new employer, are going into business for ourselves on Amazon.

If you've been reading this blog for any time you know if I'm not writing and she's not drawing, we're cooking. So something food related was natural.

Want to know more about the product? Check out

And please help us out with any chatter and exposure you can provide. As new business people, we'd appreciate it tremendously.

Gratitude and BBQ love will be your reward.

And if you'd like to help us further or go into business yourself, contact us directly.

Have a recipe or BBQ story to share with Dragon Knuckle? Let us know.

Keep it Roasting.