Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Am One Terrible Blogger

I put the "blah" in blogger.  My son puts more exciting content in his diaper every day.  Towns with no paved roads or stoplights get more traffic than my blog.  A scorpion crawled out of the desert and onto my blog and said: "Ah, so much quieter."  Escaped convicts have been playing dominoes on my blog, sure that no one would find them here.

Have you ever put something off until you're so far behind it will take a ton of work to catch up?  Then because it requires a ton of work, you put it off more?  Until it takes two tons of work?

That's my blog.

"I've been busy" is a common excuse for everything.  It doesn't mean a person hasn't the time to do it.  It means they choose to spend their time on other things.  That's me.  Sorry, blog.

I've been writing up to six pieces a month for Bright Hub Education.  Look at the Help with Writing section.  I own that thing, including a recent piece on how to write a ghazal featuring a poem I wrote about Zero Eight.  What's a ghazal?  Look it up.  You'll find everything I've done (except the one I hated) to the right under My Work for Bright Hub.

And the Penalty Flag has been keeping me busy.  Since the start of the NFL season, I've been writing one Seahawks piece and one Fantasy Football piece per week.  "The Creeper Report" is my fantasy piece, named after and chronicling my four teams.  Each report features reactions and predictions plus a cigar review and a limerick.

The Creeper Report is still scratching for a following, but my Seahawks work has been getting some attention.  I wrote 3 of the top 10 articles in September.  I've been granted the ability to post and edit my own work, rather than submit and wait for editing.  I appreciate that greatly.  I'm aiming to have a great football season as a writer.  Who knows where it could lead?  I asked myself, who has more money?  The National Football League or the largest professional poetry association you can think of?

My bio at the top of this site says I write for The Penalty Flag, Bright Hub and myself.  The myself part has been lacking.  The best I've done lately has been to compile a collection of my own work and staple it into a booklet.  Sort of a vanity/birthday present for myself.  I have scattered a dozen or so copies into the wind.  I should put it into ebook form also.  Speaking of those, all mine have been free at for some time now.  Putting that link at the end of my TPF articles have increased the traffic there.

An idea for a novel has starting clanking around my brain-case.  Continuing the idea from Road from Nowhere of an Orbital Defense system gone rogue that decimates the planet, I want to follow one of its builders.  A satellite laser system initially built to protect the USA from enemy missiles and planes begins to reinterpret the definition of "enemy".  I also redefines who and what it should protect.  Our narrator will be living in a post-apocalyptic world "protected" by this satellite from almost everything, including everyone else.  It is the story of isolation, regret and too much power.  I'm just starting to scratch my head.  I'll get to work on some notes as soon as this is posted.

I will under-promise and over-deliver regarding content to the blog.  I will never aspire to do more here than simply report what I'm up to.  I will try to do it more often

If you came here through one of my football articles, thank you.  This site is almost completely not about football, but there is barbecue, guns and fighting if you look closely enough.