Thursday, April 25, 2013

Secrets for the Man

Things have been going well at The Penalty Flag and Bright Hub Education.  I'm one of TPF's featured writers this month.  Bright Hub is asking me for something about every week.  Come to think of it, the cartful of groceries Jajamilevska, Zero-Eight the Poet, Stomper and I bought yesterday was entirely paid for by freelance writing.  That's something.

I'm still getting to Broken Mic at Neato Burrito, but maybe only once a month.  My two days off fly by so fast, I'd rather be home with my beautiful people.  If I was rolling solo, I could be a brooding, roaming slam poetry rat, sitting in the corner, sipping and looking deep.  Those days are either behind me, ahead of me, or both.

Last time I was there, I put together a piece specifically designed to be read there.  It's been a piece of music bouncing around my head, but finally I got it on paper.  Think anything you like about the religious implications.  I'm not the type to tell people what to believe.

Secrets for the Man

What kind of man
Slides down to Satan with a briefcase in his hand?
Snaps open stainless to flash 500 grand,
Says: “Bub, what you got?
I'm buying secrets for the man.”

What kind of man
Sits sippin' with the spirit:
Shots of whiskey,
Black and tan,
Says: “I'm a ghost, too.
Thanks for the brew
And all the secrets 'bout the man.”

What kind of man
Jaunts off to Jesus,
Says: “Son, I know your plan:
You convinced them all it hurt,
Hid three days in the dirt,
Then got under their skirts
And whispered: “Keep this secret from your man.”

What kind of man
Glides up to God
With a tablet in his hand?
Double-taps the screen to show grift
And greed
And scam
Says: “We got 'em smoked like ham.
What you gimme for these
Gigabytes of secrets for you, man?”

He's a pawn-broker of sin
Who just wants to get in.
He wants to know the price
So he can get the cash to Christ.
When he's dredged up all that stuff
He finds it's not enough.

What kind of man
Steps to Saint Peter with a heater in his hand?
Smirks sarcastic,
Says: “Is this your promised land?
Where the virgins and and lambs?
The angels and the bands?
And please put up your hands.
I'll take all those acres.
I brought some secrets for the man.”