Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Forty Lines

Eleven days left. I've included the first forty lines on my website. Only 960 more to read. Once I'm finished with all this editing, marketing, and designing I can get back to work on part 2: "On the Road From Nowhere".

Have you seen my card?

Thank you all for your interest. Please participate in the survey. You can post or e-mail me more detailed answers.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Twenty Lines

I've added ten more lines to the blog.  Now I have the first twenty lines of the poem for you to read.  When the e-book is released, a couple hundred lines with be available for preview.
I'll release more text to the blog over the next two weeks.

Look at me. I have a logo.

After much scratching in the dirt, I found out how to swiftly convert a Word file to a jpg without having to print and scan, using the "print screen" function and the Paint program.  The image quality was suffering.  I work better with word so that is where I crafted the logo.  I can use this technique to improve the look of the cover, also.

Much thanks to Kathe for a detailed read on the text.  I'm going to give it another read and change a few more syllables.  To anyone out there with an advanced copy, you have about a week to give me critical feedback before I chisel it in stone.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Cover Draft

We might have the final draft for the cover.  We'll see if we still love it in the morning.  We decided to skip the red outline on the lettering.  Sometimes, simple black, white, and gray are best.  My beautiful wife and artistic director has been hard at work on sketches.  Next up is an 86 logo.

Seventeen Days

Seventeen days away from launch.  I've read the thousand lines a couple of times and have tightened up a few weak syllables and adjusted a few words I use too often.  Much thanks to Kim Culbertson for advice on copyright.  Basically, don't mess around with another person's lyrics without a legal team and extra cash.  This franchise does not have either, yet.
You should check out her website.  We studied writing and literature together last century and have headed down different creative paths.  Hers has been successful.

                      Kim's Page

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost Ready for Flight

I'm polishing, polishing the details.  My wife is finalizing the cover illustration.  I'm giving the text one last look.  One last item I'm strugging with regards copyright.  The last stanza includes lyrics to an old song.  I'm not sure if I have permission to use them.  Can anyone help me with the legal issues?  Eternal gratitude and a Smashbooks coupon are at stake.