Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dave Krieg Talks about Russell Wilson

My adventures in freelancing continue.  I've been throwing myself at tons of opportunities and seeing a few things stick, including The Penalty Flag looking for NFL writers for specific teams.  I said, hell yes I'll write about the Seahawks, if you'll have me.

So I got to work on a piece on whether my new favorite quarterback can equal my old favorite quarterback.  I was talking to some fans via Twitter when one said: "I'm friends with Dave.  Would you like to talk with him?"

Um, well, hell yes.

So I found myself on the phone recording a conversation with one of my childhood heroes.  I put together a pretty good article on it.

They accepted it and here it is:

So read it.  Pass it on.  Clown it if you want to.  All attention is good attention.

I'll be doing this a lot.  One for next week before the Seahawks playoff game.

And coming soon: 86 resolutions for 2013.