Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SeaSalt Cocktail Menu

Fictitious restaurant gets name, city, and cocktail menu.
Five days, people, and this boat will be on the water.

SeaSalt Ocean Grill
Empire, Washington


SeaSalt Maria
Sauza Hornitos Tequila with
Chili-Lime-Cilantro Bloody Mix.
 Served up in a SeaSalted glass.

Chili Martini
Yazi Ginger Vodka with
Stoli Pertsovka a dash of Sweet Vermouth.
Served up with peppers.

King Kong
Booker's bourbon with orange bitters,
DuBonnet Rogue and Grand Marnier.
Served up with an orange twist.

Malibu Mango and 3 Olives Mango
with muddled orange and bubbly.
Served on the rocks, tall.

Glow-In-The-Dark Marg
Don Julio Blanco with Midori,
Muddled lime and Cointreau.
On the rocks in a tall SeaSalted glass.

She's Trouble
Finlandia Grapefruit with X-Rated,
muddled grapefruit and lime.
Served on the rocks, tall.

Kitten Belly
Knob Creek bourbon with
Peach Schnapps, muddled orange,
and a splash of ginger ale, served up.

Stoli Bluberi with Cointreau,
Rose's and muddled lime,
served up with frozen blueberries.

Crocodile Smile
Sailor Jerry with DiSaronno,
muddled lime, Coco Lopez, pineapple.
Served on the rocks, tall.

Chocolate Mojito
White Crème de Cacao with
Bacardi Coco, lime, and mint.
Served up in a chocolate-laced glass.

Godiva White Chocolate with Stoli
Strasberi, house strawberry puree
and shaved white chocolate.

Irish Nut
Bailey's and Bushmill's
with Frangelico and cream.
Shaken and served up.

Hot Buttered Grog
Sailor Jerry with Christian Brothers
and house Buttered-Rum Batter
in a mug with a cinnamon stick.

DiSaronno and Firefly Sweet Tea
in a mug of chamomile
with a lemon twist.

All drinks are nine dollars.

Monday, February 27, 2012

6.9 Days to Go

Oh, I'm within range.  The draft is 99% done.  Not much left but the polishing.  I feel little of the excitement and all of the dread.

Right before Apocalypse Zoo was done, I was thrilled, dancing, shadow boxing.  Getting it done was a massive milestone.

As I neared the finish for Road from Nowhere, I felt a bit empty and quite nervous.  This should be a big follow-up to the original.  Will it stand up?

Now I'm eyeing the finish line for Inside the Skull.  This has to be a success, right?  I'm writing prose.  It's pop-culture.  Bar-fiction.  It's dirty.  I'm not attempting literature here.  This should be huge.

Well it is what it will be.  Put it in your pipe and smoke it.  47 page rough draft.  Polished and done in 6.9 days.

Inside the Skull of David Priest

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Figment.com Contest

Well, I didn't win it.  Didn't even get in the finals.  And I realized I forgot to post my entry here for you to read.

I thought it was good, but there are a ton of good writers at Figment.com.

Figment is an interesting digital community for writers and readers.  My friend Kim Culbertson invited me to participate in a flash fiction contest there.  They do lots of contests and other fun stuff.  A great place to share writing.

Follow me at Figment.com

Asked to write about somebody's deepest fear, I entered the following piece:


Two dudes walk down stairs, around the bend, bounce
Into a pair of ladies. Eyelashes.
Green eyes and blue. Brunette and blonde. Done up.
Bright smiling teeth, earrings twinkle like ice,
Flowers and gems in their hair, showing throat
And neck, dresses fit right, curving from top
To bottom. They whisper and climb the stairs.
High-heels. Calves. Tassels on skirts, hips swishing.
“Come down off the ceiling,” Will says to Chance,
Slugs his shoulder. “You sprang like a kitten.”

“Those things scare me to death,” Chance says. “Spooky.”
Will gets more beer. “Those things? Explain yourself.”
Chance sips. “What if they don't like me? Say no.
I talk to the next girls. They don't like me.”
Will throws up his hands. “Who cares? Their problem.”
“But wait...” Chance holds up one finger. “What if
It works?” He takes a deep swig. “She likes me,
Wants to have my kids, a house. My whole life:
Me and her?” He looks around at sculptures,
Paintings, dresses and suits. “That's scary stuff.”

The chandelier hangs with glass slippers, lit
With neon tubes. Will shrugs. “I don't think 'scared'
Is the right word.” Chance lifts his eyebrows. “Oh?
Increased heart rate. Sweaty palms. Trembling hands.
Adrenalin. You start hunting for doors.”
He leans against the wall. Looks left and right.
“You're creeping through the jungle. A tigress
Leaps out and stares you down. How do you feel?”
He kills his beer. Hands in pockets, he drifts
Past tasteful male nudes and cryptic abstracts.

They re-climb the stairs, stroll the mezzanine
Over a sea of slick-haired gents in silk,
Ladies with pearls, curls, and plunging necklines,
Pairs towing each other from art to art.
A canvas covered in bright red lip-prints
To form a field of flowers. A collage
Of scavenged kitchenware, pot-shards, hot-glue.
“You know, I didn't meet Jane being scared,”
Will reminds Chance, who laughs. “You got lucky,
Captain Braveheart. Pulled her name from a hat.”

Will shrugs. “So I scored a hot lab partner.
Had the nuts to ask her out.” Chance nods: “True.”
They stop. The brunette and blond have found friends,
Chat and giggle in a ring. One's pregnant.
They rub the bump, coo, and pass ultrasounds.
“Feel that kick?” Chance makes eye-contact, blushes.
“Going for more drinks,” Will says. “Good luck, bro.”
Chance takes his hands from his pockets, freezes
Between the group of girls and the back door:
“Emergency Exit. Alarm Will Sound.”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

David Priest: Finished First Weekend of March

33 pages of David Priest.  I will reach my goal of getting it all done by the end of February, but no doubt will still want to polish, so let's call it the first Sunday of March.  Until then, read this and think about photos for the cover.

Feedback desired.

Warning: Adult Content.