Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Sent Packing

It was quiet in the rec room during the first half of the Green Bay Packers game. The old women's "can't lose" attitude was a little shaky with their boys down 16 to 0. They all wanted to just give Russell a hug and tell him it was going to be OK 

Some old women who threw up their hands in defeat were roundly booed and told to cut it out and keep cheering their boys on. One old man who was born in Wisconsin as a Packers fan came in for a while. He had to leave though when the Hawks started getting some momentum going and the old women screamed. Two other old men stuck it out and one even helped serve food. The perfect host.

The one old woman who was counting down how long it takes to make a TD for the Hawks to catch up was getting anxious. Most said to relax and remember when Russell threw TDs in the last few seconds to win games. Knowing it wasn't over, made the old women hope for a Russell, Marshawn or Kam miracle play.

They got to overtime after the Chris Matthews got the ball on an onside kick. Marshawn took it in for a TD to tie and it just got better from there.

In overtime Russell threw 3 perfect passes to move down the field. The last one found Jermaine Kearse in the end zone and the miracle win.

Some of the old women wept right along with Russell during his post-game interview. It has been a long season for them. But they saw how fun and how much it meant to show up, scream loud and long, and share this Seahawk team.

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers with Eddy Lacy played a remarkable and fierce game.

The old women were fearful their boys would not catch up. Every Hawk offensive play was stopped short. When Russell took it in while the Packers' defense was mobbing Marshawn on the other side of the goal, the old women were hopeful this game could be turned around. The tide did seem to turn when punter Jon Ryan faked the punt and and passed it to Garry Gilliam for a complete surprise TD. The old women just shrieked and laughed and loved the show.

Plans were being made for Super Bowl Game day. The old women and the one old man who stayed sorted out who was going to bring what food and maybe some spiked Hawaiian punch. A '12' banner and a beefcake picture of Russell on the bulletin board set the tone. The old man wasn't too pleased and said if he put a scantily clad female picture up there the old women would have a fit. One woman said, "Whatever."

The old women and their Hawks need the 2 week rest until the Superbowl. They hope all that sun and warmth in Arizona won't distract their boys.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Panther Kittens

Contributed by Kathe Frahm

The old women are happy. They are just waiting for their boys to drop Cam Newton, in his tracks. The last time the Hawks beat this team, Newton made a real display of arrogance the old women found excessively annoying. True, the Panthers had won 5 of their last games, but the old women couldn't wait for Russell, Chancellor, Wagner and Kearse to give them a football clinic.

One old woman bet the others Newton would challenge Richard Sherman and throw to his side of the field. They know QBs avoiding Sherman is a sign of respect and his ability to make big interceptions. Richard picked him off. The forced fumbles also made the old women scream. Kam Chancellor's 89 yard TD interception and 2 leaps OVER the Panther's line to block field goal attempts for some old women were the highlights of the whole year. They do love showmanship and they got it in this game.

Russell is confident and calculates in split seconds that his receivers are where he wants them to be. Some favorites of the old women are Luke Willson and of course their Marshawn. Luke has so much fun when he gets to into the end zone. Marshawn is the one Hawk nearly all the old women would want on their side in a fight. They marvel at his power to just keep going and his way of dragging any team's defenders with him.

So many of their boys have shown great talent and courage in this season. Last year even the most faithful of Hawk fans went into this part of the play-offs with a certain dread and fear of failure. The old-timers were promising a Hawk melt-down. Like always. Not so many naysayers this year. Watching Pete Carroll shepherd these remarkable young athletes to a winning season, has been a wonderful way to spend game day together, eating junk food and working to out scream each other.

The Green Bay Packers are not a team to take for granted. Even injured with an calf strain, their QB Aaron Rodgers is worthy of respect. RB Eddie Lacy is said to be fierce much like Marshawn, but may be limited in play due to a bad knee.

One of the old men called an old woman sick because she said all their boys have to do is aim for Rodgers' bad leg. You'd think he had learned that the blue-tinted pin curl and fluff disguises the fierce "just win" competitor inside.

Sometimes the old women ask each other why these beautiful young men, their team, are important to them. They have had heroes in the past. Famous people, men and women, moved through their lives. Now, the sheer fun of winning almost all the time fills a need to claim some ownership of accomplishment. A small thing, but important just the same.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Battering Rams

Contributed by Kathe Frahm

Old women like that their Seattle Seahawks beat the St Louis Rams. They are not sure about all the wild card playoff stuff, they just know their boys won. They are also glad their Hawks get a week to rest while the other teams are fighting it out to see who will play them. Winning home field advantage is good. The 12s will make it real noisy for any of the opposing teams. The old women can scream and yell with the best of them and they do.

The Rams got a little comfortable with their 6 point lead in the first part of the game. The old women encouraged each other by saying that's not going to last. They have not forgotten the embarrassment of having the Rams beat their boys earlier in the season.

The Rams' QB for this game was an older player, another substitute, Shaun Hill. The pressure from the Seahawks' defense was just as intense and aggressive as the old women hoped it would be.

Wagner, Chancellor and Bennett led the best defense in the league, holding the Rams to a couple of field goals. They shut down any kind of running game the Rams tried, making a statement that the Hawks had come to play.

The old women could not believe the fumble by Marshawn Lynch and the rare interception thrown by Russell Wilson. Russell did recover 2 of his own fumbles which made the old women proud.

Key plays just got better and better. Bruce Irvin's interception and 49 yard TD run. Earl Thomas' strip, forcing a touchback. Big Jordan Hill's interception was a treat for the old women. They loved the look on his face: pure joy.

Hawks players all around celebrated his catch. Marshawn's 9 yard TD and the Hawks defense dropping the Ram's Receiver, Tavon
Austin for a loss fit right into the game plan.

Old women in this rec aren't given to swaggering. Not a lot in their lives are worthy of that. But the fun of making this team of talented young football players their boys gives an opportunity for a little bit of a strut.

The old women will try to figure out which teams might play the Hawks in the play off count-down to the Super Bowl February first. But for now they are ready to get together in the rec room at the home, eat unhealthy snacks and show the old men how to properly cheer for their Hawks.