Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Broken Microphones, Scratched Records and Smashed Words

I hereby pledge to get into a mid-week blogging rhythm.

Right after Broken Mic seems like a good time.  I've been there three Wednesdays in a row.

I performed "She Scratch the Record" three weeks ago.  Hell of an intro, I think.  Rapping about a woman masturbating.  It's a raunchy crowd with raunchy topics.  With Travis Naught as a regular, what else do you think would be happening?

Last week I read "Terror" and this week I did a condensed version of the end of "Inside the Skull."  I think I had them at: "Asking myself if I'm high enough to go to work..."

86 Resolutions page is finished.  A few of those things I've already completed.  I'll update the page throughout the year.

Continuing my work with Bright Hub at the rate of a few articles per month.  Not enough to make a living, but more than the rest of you pay me to write.  Still doing weekly things for The Penalty Flag and about to do something for its brother, The Sports Blitz.  I should start doing stuff for Crowdsource through Amazon's Mechanical Turk, refuting my opinion that MTurk is complete crap.  Mostly, I'm amazed Amazon is affiliated with such garbage.  Most of their jobs are under a dollar and involve you giving away your personal information to a company you don't know.  I suppose if you're using MTurk to work for a reputable employer, it's a different thing.  Just waiting for them to correct my Top Tier Writing Test.

My Gorgeous Illustrator just had the fantastic idea for me to pick a path and go back to school.  Study marketing, advertising, web design or something else I'm lacking to achieve my goals.  Somehow, I was still banging my head against the door with my 90s education.

Fellas, you can date dumb women, but marry the smart ones.

MGI is also working on cover art for "The Cheshire House".  No, I don't have a hyperlink.  No one's seen this but Kathe and Pavarti K Tyler.  It's 20 pages of erotica about a man and woman breaking into the mansion of a modern female Hugh Hefner.  Dirty, but artistic.  I'll put that out as an ebook on Smashwords and Amazon.  The story's written, so I only need a cover and description.  Expect in out in February.

Ooh.  Trashy read for Valentine's Day?  Yes.

That's enough news for you.  I'll update my Bright Hub links.  Investigate those, if you please.  Stay tuned for "The Cheshire House" and more sports stuff.  And get that ass to Spokane for Broken Mic.  You can't handle it, but you should try.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Goals

My rock is rolling just a little bit at The Penalty Flag.  My second article is out.  I know what I'll write this week if the Seahawks win.  I know what I'll write if they lose.  I have some offseason ideas.  You know the Dave Krieg for Hall of Fame article will come when the time is right.  This must be what a real sports writer feels like.

I just sent off an article to Bright Hub about Famous Female Authors.  Tried to write about Sappho and Anais Nin to a high school audience without getting in trouble with their parents.  Let's see how my editor takes it.

I'll make a few bucks this month freelancing.  Still trying to get lucky.  Still applying to Craig's List and Elance ads to the point of nausea.  Still can't find a worthwhile opportunity with Amazon's Mechanical Turk, whatever it thinks it is.  No, $1.80 is not a good price for a 500 word article.  I spooked another suitor via email today when I mentioned that I expect $20 for 500 words.  Not too much to ask, is it?

Talking with my wife about a website for reviewing kids' books.  Something personal.  Something from our family to help parents, grandparents and friends sift through the good, bad, great and sloppy on the shelves out there.

Also thinking of a short mystery.  An ebook I could sell for 99 cents.  Something that could get popular.

I hope to have my 86 Resolutions done tonight.  That's one of my resolutions.  Until then, look into the links on the side of the blog.  I'll try to make myself easy to find.