Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Cigar for the End of the World

Cigars are among the many new things I'm learning at my new job.  Sure, I've smoked 'em.  Lots of cheap.  A few nice.  I've even replaced the filling with my own.  Never learned much about them until now.

But like wine, whiskey and oysters, they're just another thing with flavor, aroma and geography to consider.

We're hosting an "End of the World" black-tie cigar party just before the Mayan calendar expires.  I know a guy who writes about the apocalypse, I say.  I proposed reading from the CA series.  Also, I got to thinking about a piece specifically for the event.

Just after finishing the Sonnet Writing article for Bright Hub and just after finishing a Diamond Crown from the Dominican Republic, I wrote this:

 One More for the End of the World
Friends, could be the end. Let’s do it our way:
Pop the finest corks. Wake old barley malt.
Filet the fat calf. Rub pepper and salt.
Send us heaven or hell? Now who's to say?

They’ll look down upon us, speak of our smiles,
Our glasses, our plates, our smokes and our brew.
Surrounded with chums: some old and some new.
Boldly declare: “Man, they did it with style.”

Dead with a dollar or a million bucks?
Let’s toast the fellow. He's just one of us.
Unknown or famous? Stretch limo or bus?
What’s it matter now? Don't ruffle my tux.

We might die today? Always been the case.
Bug me none with it. I've smoke in my face.

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