Friday, November 29, 2013

Seahawks, Analog Clocks and a Bag of Rocks

E-I to the G-H-T-Y 6
Santa Claus couldn't haul my bag of tricks

New things for that vulture verse writing guy.  Or at least an expansion of an old thing.  A promotion at The Penalty Flag.  I'm now Division Leader for the NFC West and AFC West sections.

I'll be writing about both divisions and fantasy football weekly.  The AFC part is new, but I've been writing Seahawks articles and the Creeper Report every week this season.  Also, I'm responsible for promotion and editing of the other writers.  And I need to recruit more.

That means: The Penalty Flag needs you.  Are you a great writer and a football genius?  Neither are we.  Join us.  All you need is love for your team and the desire to write a short post about once a week.  Or at least once a month.  By definition we are not a source of breaking news and game recaps.  We're a bunch of football fans delivering our side of the story.

I can't promise you much money.  You can make $5-10 for your most successful articles.  Most might not earn anything.  But you'll get read and become part of a fun community.  You'll enjoy the game more.  You'll probably be seen on by Fox Sports and other websites.  The company has been growing.  Grow with it and who knows what might happen?

An article I recently did on Russell Wilson busted out for 11,000 page views in half a day.  A friend of mine ran into it on MSN and emailed me back the link.

So that's a major development for me.  I'd love your help writing.  Or at least read me.  Even if you're not big into football I promise to keep it interesting.  My Creeper Reports have included cigar review and limericks.

Want to get involved?  Go here and keep and eye on what David Klenda is doing.

I'm still writing for Bright Hub a few times a month.  Links to my work are on the right.  Other creative projects are on pause for now.  My ebooks are free at Smashwords.  Expanding "Inside the Skull" into a full novel is on my mind, just not on my schedule.  I'm sinking my teeth into this football project for now.  Public demand for another book would get me moving.  Just ask and have your friends ask.