Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cathartes Aura 3: Chapter One Sneak Peek

Just like I did with Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere, I'm leaking one stanza a week until it's done.

That means, this boulder is rolling downhill.

Less than ten weeks, most likely.  I'm shooting for Halloween.  I know I said "end of summer" but I spent August with Terri Giuliano-Long's BlogFlash2012.  I gained a lot of exposure and attention, but didn't get much other writing done.

I'm also working on Pavarti K. Tyler's Penny-A-Page Erotica Anthology, also due end of October.

So it's hard-hat time.  Grindstone time.  Typing with my work-gloves on time.

Still need a title.  Not sure if I like Cathartes Aura at the Last Call Mall.  Suggestions welcome.

Here you go: one my favorite characters to write dialog for, Father James.

Hands clasped on his worn leather book, James breathes,
Lifts his voice to the trees. “I see Satan
On your shoulders, hissing doom in your ears:
'You will die quick deaths, live meaningless lives,
Accomplish naught but fertilize the ground.'”
Three farm women weep together, arms hooked
And faces stern. The old woman wails, hangs
On the round man in overalls. “Forked tongues
Caress your skin, tempt you to sin. Who cares?
Live loose. This world is gone. But I see God.”