Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Rams Again?

The old women and one old man came to the rec room at the home to start the new season with their Seahawks. The snack table was a little more full, but not at the A level of quality and competitive preparation that surely will come as the weeks roll on.

The old women don't like the Rams. The Rams are bullies and sneaky. The Hawks don't have to play them again until December. The old women were confident when their boys played the Rams last time that they would win. That didn't happen. Sportscasters talk about the Ram's special teams tricky plays. Coach Pete Carroll, though very clever himself, seemed not to be able to keep up.

The last play of the game when he sent RB Marshawn Lynch to charge through the Ram's D- line for the 1 yard play to get a first down and keep the ball failed. Some of the old women remember that last miserable play and interception at the Superbowl and said “Oh now he sends in Marshawn”.

As they watched, the old women could see their mostly new O-line were hardly a match for the for the Rams D- line. Russell Wilson was beat up on and the new line worked to get it together, but veterans Russell Okung and JR Sweezy couldn't be everywhere at once. Russell was sacked 6 times. Each time the old women screamed “don't hurt him!” and even short of breath, they held it to see that their boy would get up off the turf OK. The old women believe that Russell has a big target on his chest and worry about him each game.

The old women missed the excitement of watching SS Kam Chancellor light up the field. Fill-in SS Dion Bailey looked like to the old women that he just needed a hug and years of experience. They knew, as only a practice squad player, he could not even come close to Kam. But so far, Coach Pete hasn't knuckled under to Kam and his agent. Failing to keep his feet under him on one the Ram's QB Nick Foles' last passes to Lance Kendrick, Dion showed he has a ways to go. The one old man in the room asked, “Did that Bailey kid just fall over his own feet?”

K Steve Haushka's botched “pooch” kick, whatever that is, just proved that the old women were not going to see a win today.

The old woman keeping track of the penalty count announced that there was a total of 13 and, of course, the Hawks had more than the Rams. They were playing at the dreary, dark Edward Jones Stadium. There were not many Ram fans there and a lot of 12s made it to St. Louis. The old women were happy to hear them nearly out scream what Ram fans were there. One old women said she could see why the Rams wanted to move to L.A

The old women gathered up the leftovers from the snack table. Nothing is wasted. It would have been more fun to beat the Rams, but at least no one got hurt and Russell is OK. They take small victories where they find them.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Raider Run-In

There were only an handful of old women and one old man for the Seahawks and Raiders game. The snack food was better.

No question about who got the remote for the TV. Learning how to mute out the sound on the commercials is not complicated. Keeping the volume up above conversations is not complicated. One old woman took charge of the remote and another kept track of penalties. Hawks got the most calls. The refs were more officious than ever but reasonably fair.

The old women knew that the Raiders were at the near bottom of the pile for teams. It didn't matter. So many stars-to-be for the Hawks made the game more fun. Working for a spot on the roster kept their boys on their toes. Stand outs already were Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark. Lockett outran everybody and Clark just bullied the Raider's offensive line to get to QB Christian Ponder. BJ Daniels floored the old women when he stepped in at QB after Russell and RJ Archer. They said they did not see where a WR could go to QB. He showed he was a scrambler and could pass.

The old women are glad all the preseason stuff is over. They said now we can get down to some football. Mostly the old women were happy none of their boys got hurt too bad. Looks like backup QB Tavaris Jackson's ankle will be healed up soon.

The old women are more than irritated with SS Kam Chancellor's money game with coach Pete Carroll.

They heard that he will not play the starting game with the Rams. They cannot believe he owes over 1 million dollars in fines for not showing up for practices. By not playing on Sunday, he will be charged over 200 thousand dollars or some such amount. It is too bad. Being a jerk has cooled off one of his more vocal fan clubs (the old women in the rec room at the home) and he probably doesn't even know.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Charged Up

The old women came to the rec room for the Charger game. They were a little uneasy. Their boys had lost both the pre-season games. They hoped this wasn't the outcome of all the games to come. Old women are black crepe hangers.

It was a treat to have some left over Birthday cake to eat at the game. Earlier they gave one old woman a surprise birthday party. The old women take care of their own. Nothing is wasted. They forgot to get the ice cream out of the freezer until almost all of them had gone. One old woman took the ice cream home and said she would bring it back for the Charger game.

The old women and the lone old man are forming opinions about this team of Seahawks, both vets and rookies. The love of QB Russell Wilson is tested. They do not approve of him being a shill for “healing” water. Kam Chancellor they think is acting like a spoiled brat. And they are happy their cute Coach Pete Carroll has not given into his demands.

Players are entitled to their own personalities. The old women get that the stress of fighting for a spot on the roster is hard but this preseason bickering is trying their patience. They thought the solution was a good spanking for the bad boys. That got the hands up of every old woman to volunteer for the job.

The women are old, not dead.

Two old men stayed through the whole game: one who was an expert on everything related to football and the guy with the remote. He took his time connecting the TV to cable. He wanted to just stick the cable wire out the window. One old woman had had it and she left unhappily. Reception was intermittent and annoying until he relented and attached the cable. The old women will rethink his remote duty for next game with the Raiders.

The Charger game was close. Their QB Phil Rivers was hard not to like. Tall and fast is not what the old women wanted to see in an opposing team's QB. The Hawks' front line showed improvement. Most of the cheers were for LB Bobby Wagner. Add DT Brandon Mebane and OLB KJ Wright so the Chargers faced nearly 800 lbs of rolling boulders.

K Steve Haushka showed he is not perfect but he came through when it counted for a Hawk win. 

Again the old women got to scream and cheer for WR Tyler Lockett. Watching him run all over the field and score a 67 yard TD gave the old women reason to believe this game would not be a loss. Coach Pete Carroll again screaming at the ref for what he thought was a bad call got some cheers. In a game where the other team got called for more penalties, the old women were happy for their boys and the win. 

They couldn't eat all the old BD cake. Even old women have their limits. They did remember the ice cream.