Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Men Walk into a Bar

Maybe I  can't stop writing ten-by-tens.
This week, I decided to start jotting down the odd things I hear and see while tending bar.  You'd be surprised how often they go in one ear and out the other if you don't write them down.  I'm trying to collect detail for the David Priest Project.
Here are ten lines about something that really happened a couple days ago.

Two men walk into a bar.  "Beer," one says,
"And vodka for my friend.  Cheapest you got."
I ask his friend: "Should I chill it for you?"
He shakes his head.  "Just neat.  It's for my ears."
I hear lots of things at my job.  Weird things.
Never heard this thing.  "Vodka for your ears?"
He nods.  "Went swimming and my ears won't pop.
I have no rubbing alcohol."  He dips
His finger in his shot, swabs his ears, asks
Me for a whiskey-seven.  "For your mouth?"