Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Lit

Get Lit is not actually about what it sounds like, though I'm sure in the 12th most drunk city in the nation, some people will be getting lit.

Get Lit is a literary festival in Spokane, Washington, sponsored by Eastern Washington University.  Published authors and new writers alike are given opportunities all week to share and learn.

I'd love to be at every venue and meet everyone, but due to new-born baby issues, I can't be a social vulture this weekend.  But I will be attending the open Community Read this Sunday.  Anyone can get 10 minutes to read.

I was there last year and charged through 200 lines of Apocalypse Zoo with no intro and may have confused everyone.  This year I'm introducing myself, reading Chapter Two of Road from Nowhere, encouraging everyone to stay and chat, and perhaps finishing with Fake Flowers.

Last year, and at every reading I've ever attended, people seem to be there to read or listen to their one buddy.  After that, they jet out and I'm left feeling hollow about an experience I was previously excited to attend.  I never get to talk writing to anyone who cares.

Not too late to catch a plane from anywhere in the world.