Monday, May 16, 2011

Epub Trub

Smashwords warned me about the confusing world of epub, the format used at the Apple store.  The epub check often gives back completely undecipherable error messages, and without a 100% grade Apple won't stock the book.  After a drink and a chance to sleep on it, I attempted to pull out my hair only to find that it's too short.  Thanks again, Mark Coker, for a great guide.  I took a breath, had some tea, and then used the nuclear method.  And I passed.

The bright side: this gave me a chance to change two lines near the end of chapter one.  It clarifies the description of the jet blowing up.  When I wrote "Apocalypse Zoo" I was unclear about the specific nature of my apocalypse.  I shot down the plane with a rocket and "whistle like the Fourth of July."  Now I know better.  The new description works more clearly with truths revealed in "Road from Nowhere."

One frustrating thing and one beautiful thing about the ebook.  From home, I did a little typing, and my revisions are on the shelf.

The sequel should be ready in August.

"Apocalypse Zoo" should be at the Apple store in two weeks or less.  But just get it at Smashwords.

On a weird note, spell-check accepts both "undecipherable" and "indecipherable".  I know I'm supposed to be the writer and all, but which one is it?