Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smashwords Interview Day

Once again proving that no one does more to help independent authors publish and market ebooks, Smashwords hosted a five question interview session on Saturday.  Authors interviewed each other on Facebook.  I exchanged interviews with Pavarti Devi, author of the "Sandstorm Chronicles", a series about a Batman-style billionaire hero on a quest to foil Turkish religious police.  Yes, the Turkish Batman.

I admit, her questions were more thought out and better than mine, but I went first and had less time to think.  Her series is still in the works.  She shared with me her short story: "Consumed by Love".  She describes it as "erotic horror".  She's right.  Well written and disturbing.  But sometimes you need to be disturbed or you stand in the same place, looking at the world in the same way.

You can find all of Saturday's interviews at the Smashwords Facebook page:!/Smashwords

You can find "Consumed by Love" at Smashwords:

You can follow Pavarti Devi's work at:

And I'm so excited about how "Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere" is coming out I'll start leaking little 10x10 bits between now and August.