Monday, July 4, 2011

"Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere" Sneak Peek: Chapter Five

The Apocalypse will cause everyone to analyze his or her religious beliefs.  The atheists will wonder if maybe there really is a god.  The devout will ask whether god has abandoned them.  Those who love god will believe that god hates them.  I needed to inject some religion into this piece and I had fun doing it.

And if you haven't read "Cathartes Aura and the Apocalypse Zoo" it is free until the release of Episode Two in August.

Chapter Five, Verse Five:

The preacher, brown-bearded, worn leather book

Closed in his hands, draws a breath.  “So much loss.

What’s one more to the Lord’s ragged remnants?”

He sweeps each face with hickory eyes

Unblinking, brow furrowed.  “Eighty-six years

Carl was a pupil of the soil, of God,

Of community, of Satan’s tickings.”

Nodding heads, pressed hands, agreeing amens.

“Now flushed by plague, fire, and sin from our land

And from our homes, is that scholarship lost?”