Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere" Sneak Peek, Chapter Six

Getting close, people.  Getting close.  75 of 100 and counting.

Thanks to the new flood of people who'd rather read my book for free than for $3.99.  Could you all do me one favor and please write a review?  And while I'm being thankful:

Thanks to the people at Deviant Art for recognizing art in written form.  Thanks to Megaton for being a true post-apocalyptic junkie and featuring "Apocalypse Zoo" on his fiction page.  Thanks to "Full Metal Jacket" for teaching me how to yell at maggots.  And always thanks to my wife for reminding me that worrying too much about stuff means less enjoying stuff.

Chapter Six, Verse Ten:

Sarge begins to pace, gets red to the scalp.

“Been around a long time.  Seen dinosaurs

With bigger brains.  Knew cavemen better skilled

To drive these rigs.”  He rubs the scarred surface

Of the tanker.  “Near blew up all the fuel.

Twenty thousand gallons of gas.  How’d that

Help this squad?  Do you know?”  He grabs the shirt

Of a pale soldier who shrugs and gets slugged

In the nose.  Sarge growls and points to the trees.

“Now get up that hill.  Run ‘till I get tired.”