Monday, February 27, 2012

6.9 Days to Go

Oh, I'm within range.  The draft is 99% done.  Not much left but the polishing.  I feel little of the excitement and all of the dread.

Right before Apocalypse Zoo was done, I was thrilled, dancing, shadow boxing.  Getting it done was a massive milestone.

As I neared the finish for Road from Nowhere, I felt a bit empty and quite nervous.  This should be a big follow-up to the original.  Will it stand up?

Now I'm eyeing the finish line for Inside the Skull.  This has to be a success, right?  I'm writing prose.  It's pop-culture.  Bar-fiction.  It's dirty.  I'm not attempting literature here.  This should be huge.

Well it is what it will be.  Put it in your pipe and smoke it.  47 page rough draft.  Polished and done in 6.9 days.

Inside the Skull of David Priest