Monday, July 9, 2012

Smashwords Sale

I'm participating in the Summer/Winter Sale during which tons of stuff are available for 25% to 100% off.  All three of my books are only 99 cents during July.  Click on the covers above to go to each book page.  Use coupon code SSW50 to purchase.  I thank you in advance.

Also, Cathartes Aura 3 is coming along.  340 lines done, 660 to go.  But I need a title.  Cathartes Aura at the Last Call Mall was my first idea, but I've come to dislike it.  It's okay, but I can do better.  Something that mixes both the location at a shopping mall with the religious and apocalyptic overtones. CA at the Mall of Revelation?  CA at the Gas 'N God?  I need to brainstorm synonyms for mall, terms for close-out sales, and different armageddon terms.  Who has a suggestion?

Preview stanzas are coming soon.  Publishing will happen around then end of the summer.  Until then, read up on CA 1 and 2.  Get drunk with David Priest.