Saturday, October 13, 2012

Haiku on Yahoo

Sorry I've been scarce, but I've been digging high and low for work-at-home opportunities.  I'm at step number two.

Step one is stumbling over myriad scams and swindles, hopefully not dropping my wallet in them.

Step two is finding some real people who know real stuff you can use.  So far, my hero is Stephanie Foster who runs a very honest and informative website:  Home with the Kids.

The most useful stuff for me has been about blogging and freelance writing.

Already I've posted my 10x10 How-To on  Much more to come there, including stuff on cooking, cocktails and uhhh getting fired.

But minutes ago I posted my first contribution on Yahoo.  The assignment was a haiku on baseball.  The formatting, I must admit, is disappointing but not often are they posting three line articles.  Oh well.  Still have to say it's exciting.

Be a fan and a friend.  Check it out and pass it on.  Seventeen syllables of personal history.