Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Direction

First of all, you might notice my real name at the top of the blog.  I've started contributing to Yahoo, specializing in writing, food, cocktails, sports and parenting.  They encouraged me to use my real picture and name.  (I considered A D Six but it looked stooopid.)

Already I've published two articles and a baseball haiku.  I have some recipes I want to publish.  Now I find I can't cook anything without photographing it.

Second, of course my erotica piece for Penny-a-Page is nearly done.  It will be on time by Halloween as promised.

But third,  I'm breaking my promise on Cathartes Aura Three.  Not only was I overly ambitious regarding a Halloween deadline, but I've been rethinking the project.  The ten-by-ten verse style worked well for Apocalypse Zoo, which was very visual.  Road from Nowhere, however, is a character and dialogue based piece.  Writing it in verse was quite challenging.  Reviews of both works substantiate this.

CA3, which is half done, is much like CA2 but with even more people and things to be said.  I'm afraid it's just not working.  So, I'm rebuilding it more in the mode of CA1: our vulture narrator soaring around disaster and dipping in to watch the humans on rare occasions.

Good news, though: I'm putting the whole 500 line rough draft on the blog before I edit the thing beyond recognition.

Fourth, My Gorgeous Illustrator responsible for all my cover art (visible on the top left) is painting.  Two pieces are available at  You can get to know her better on her blog, which is in its infant stages but growing.  She has a great eye and touch for putting abstract patterns across multiple canvases.  She lacks confidence.  Give her some encouragement for me if you can.

Fifth, I lost my job.  My fault.  I screwed up and was only following the rules I wanted to follow.  I'm 2500 words into getting that story out, but it doesn't make me happy to write.  When it's done, I'll put it on, with whom I'm also working.

Don't worry.  I'm on the verge of starting a new job.  Won't pay like the old one, so I've been looking into supplemental, from-home sources of work (hence the Yahoo and Squidoo).  Also I'm looking into tutoring with plus some blog-for-pay companies.  So don't be surprised if on day you see some advertising here.  Just being a bit less of a starving artist.

In conclusion, Yahoo's training told me people's eyes are attracted to bold headings.  I might be using more bulleted lists, too.  So, I'll be more active freelance writing and blogging.  I'll keep it fun.

Coming soon: Barbecue Prep and Planning

Don't be running around at the last minute trying to cook slow-and-low as fast as you can.