Thursday, February 7, 2013

All I Wanted was a Burrito that was Neato

Another good time at Broken Mic.  

Highlight of the evening: during "Ode to Hate" a woman dressed in pink stepped in the back door of Neato Burrito to find a rowdy mob of poets shouting "slit your throat with it and use the hole as a piss-pot".  I didn't know Growling Joe, but I think he'd be glad.

I've been wondering how to celebrate Broken Mic in verse.  I think her story might be part of it.  I'm letting that rattle around my brain a while first.

I wrote about my Post Super Bowl Depression for The Penalty Flag.  Soon after the final play, I'm struck with the realization it will be a long time until the next NFL game.

I wrote about Famous African Americans of the Revolutionary War Era for Bright Hub.  I had free reign on the subject of Black historical figures.  I chose to focus on the Revolutionary War era because the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement are more commonly covered.  Many of the people I researched were new to me.

I didn't pass my Top Tier Writing test.  Don't know why.  I wrote a fine short essay for them.  I was hoping to find a place were I could pick and choose jobs for freelance pay.  Well, screw them.  I don't really think I want to churn out essays for $11 a pop.  It is better than not making $11 though.

So, I see two paths:

#1 Get back in school.  My goal is to work from home in a creative field.  My education is old-fashioned.  I need to learn some things to make that happen.  I need to talk with a counsellor who can advise me on career paths, education choices and financial aid.

#2 Get serious as an artist.  More serious.  And willful.  I am Davey the Indestructible.  I will accomplish my goals.  I am a creative beast who will not be stopped.  Learning from my experience in ebook publishing, I will focus on short pieces I can sell for 99 cents and will find my audience.  I will encourage my wife to produce more art and get it sold.

My time is limited and valuable.  No more chasing cheap jobs.  No more writing short audition pieces for people who never respond.  Wasted time.

"The Cheshire House" is coming out shortly.  99 cent erotica.  If that catches fire, I'll stay with it.

Already, all my Smashwords stuff is 99 cents.  If you ask nice, I'll make it free for you.

Above all, I need your support.  It's a digital word-of-mouth business.  If you've ever liked something you've read from me, tell someone.  I'll appreciate it.