Thursday, June 5, 2014

From the Top of One Mountain

It's done and we love it.  Thoroughly worth the time, money and effort.  Hearing my little son say "wee!" as I push him on the swing or watching my older son pretend he's a pirate as he looks through the telescope justifies it all.

If it survives the first big windstorm, I'll be particularly proud of the roof.  The rest of the structure is refurbished Rainbow, but the roof is all my design from 1x8 planks.  Don't ask My Gorgeous Illustrator what kind of gorilla work it took to put it up there.  She'll insist I should have got some help.

The time spent sanding and bolting was a good respite from writing.  I completed some work for Bright Hub,  performed some slam and started some NFL writing for Rant Sports, but mostly I've been on pause.  I started the Marcel mystery story, revisited the Aguardo micro-apocalypse and even thought to resuscitate David Priest.  I vowed to finish a creative project before my birthday.  I need to get to it.

Also, I want to look into working with  They seem to be a good source for freelance income.

But as I've said: one mountain at a time.  I just need to pick the mountain.

And like I've written in a recent Bright Hub article about choosing a major: love or money?  Do I go after something that pays good money per hour or write something creative I'm very proud of?  I might make money off the creative work, but I will make money off the other.

What's a fellow to do?

I just need to think about it.  And I need to recall the energy I used when I was writing four NFL articles a week and some Bright Hub work.  Somehow the foolish need for sleep has been conquering all.

So where's the next mountain?