Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Seattle Seahawks Writer with Rant Sports

After a bit of a pause from NFL writing, I've joined as a Seattle Seahawks writer.  A bigger and more professional outfit than my last job.  I've joined a team of hundreds of writers covering MMA to golf and everything in between.

Just reading their Blogger Bible tells you how serious they are about all elements of writing and promotion.  It's great to have the support.  But I'd better type with work gloves on.

During the offseason, I'm committed to four articles a week.  Once the season starts, I'll be doing at least seven.  My fingers may start looking like pencils.

But like anything, the more you do it the better you get.  Once I'm accustomed to their protocols and methods, I'll produce faster.  Once my head is back in the NFL all the time, ideas will come easier.  It's just a matter of me working late and swift.

My first article on Marshawn Lynch is already out.  A piece I wrote on why the Seahawks feel more stable than the 49ers will be out shortly.  Read everything I do here.

Also, I'm writing as Eighty Six again.  At Bright Hub, I've switched back to the pen name as well.  Don't forget, you can still find David Klenda's work around the web, including at The Penalty Flag.

I'm looking into various other bits of freelance work, but none seem as fun as writing about football.

With some luck and sweat, I'll be able to afford that 86 logo tatoo.