Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Admit I Have a Problem

I have a bad habit.  I'm a binge reader.  When I read, I read way too much.  I don't do anything else.  I chew up pages all day.  I've read a 400 page book in one sitting.  Last vacation I took, I read 3000 pages.  I have a problem and I admit it.
So I haven't read much over the last year or so.  If I did, I'd have never written anything, would never have spent time with my wife, walked my dog, played with my son, petted my cat, or gone to work.
But I need to read.  I need it bad.  Real bad, man.  There are post-apocalyptic classics I need to read, books by my friend Kim Culbertson I need to get to, and I really should re-read The Book of Revaltions.  Yes, tell my mother I just said that I need to read the Bible.
What great stuff should I be reading?  "Day of the Triffids"?  "Omega Man"?  I want to read a lot of PA stuff, but also just a lot of stuff.  For about a month or so, I'm going off.
And then I promise, once my page-lust has been satisfied, I'll get back to work on "Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere" and some children's books with my wife/illustrator.  Perhaps "Super Flying Baby" or "The Zloby and Oli Detective Agency".  But until then, I need a hit, I need a dose, I need a Megablast.
I need your help.