Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere" Sneak Peek: Chapter One

Sometime in August, episode 2 will be ready.  Our dark-feathered, pink-headed narrator has escaped the zoo and is following the man in the camel-drawn Jaguar convertible.  I will be releasing one stanza from each chapter for the next ten weeks to celebrate the launch of "On the Road from Nowhere".  Soon, my gorgeous illustrator will have some preview art.  Here it is. Chapter one, verse seven:
He pushes back his plate, pours more coffee,

And lights another.  He sighs long and deep.

A grin creases his face as the sun beams

Through the trees, the breeze sways needled branches

Like praying dancers, clouds drift like canoes,

And the highway rests still as a glass lake.

A French inhale, a steaming sip, knuckles

Popped as the Jaguar’s speakers reproduce

Voices a cappella singing of roads,

Fatigue, strength, and moonlight on cool water.