Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blog Flash 2013, March 4: Books

Since BlogFlash 2012, my spare time has shrunk further.  Money is tighter.  I work more.  I sleep less.  Hours are more precious.  168 in a week.  I try to use them all wisely.

I love to read.  I'd do it all the time if I could.  I can chew up 1000 pages a week if left alone.  I'd be every indie writer's best homie and would review over 100 things a year.

But reading is a luxury to me.  A selfish luxurious pleasure.  Reading means not working, not hunting freelance gigs, not spending time with wife and kids, not resting up for tomorrow.

I said it last year and I'll say it again:

I don't read.  I have and I will, but I don't.

Probably pisses off every writer I'm associated with.  Idealistic students are saying: "How can you write if you don't read?"  That's what college was for.  That's what vacations or for, if I could ever take one.  Too much reading and you start either copying others or are paralyzed with fear that you will.  I have plenty of imagination but not time.

But before you think I'm totally selfish (and realize to me "selfish" means I only think about my wife, kids, job, house, pets and their future) I am helping a friend from Broken Mic get out his first ebook.  He's published in print but not online.  Coming very very soon is a collection of poetry by Travis Naught ( called "Still Journalling".  He does well what I can never do: explain what's in his own mind.  I need to get to work on his cover, so I'm signing off.

Hope I made you think about books.