Saturday, March 2, 2013

BlogFlash2013, March 1: Laughter

(Day One of the BlogFlash and I'm already late.)

My youngest son, now 11 months old, just realized how funny laughter is.  I remember when his big brother had the same epiphany.  When he sees you laughing, it makes him laugh.

The problem is: when I see an 11 month old boy grinning like a clown and chuckling, I can't help but bust up also.  This sets up a very disruptive cycle around my house.  Both of us are so amused by the other, we can't stop laughing.  I find this hilarious, which he thinks is comical.

Eventually one of us falls asleep or has to go to work, otherwise we'd never stop.  One day I'm going to call in and say: "Sorry, he's just too cute.  I can't come in today."

And then there's his three year old brother.  I just realized he can't be bribed with candy, but he'll do anything for smoked pork.