Friday, January 31, 2014

I Want to Smoke Some of These

I almost grabbed some of these Gran Habano Vintage 2002 Corojos last time they went on sale at Cigars International.  I think they're cheaper this time.  $39.99 for 20 of the robustos.  A little more for Churchills or Gordos.  Plus free shipping.  Fat rich smokes in a cedar wrapper.  Never had one, but the reviews are nice.  For $2, I'm not sure I could lose.

Need to make some humidor room.  You should buy some, at least. I also ran into a stupid deal from Thompson.  You might need me to forward you the link, although code 49348 might work.  If you spend $99 bucks, you get 4 Rocky Patels, 4 Montecristos and 4 AVOs for free.  So grab some La Relobas, get 3 free My Fathers with that, and grab a box of something else or a couple of samplers, and you just stuffed you humidor for $100.

I strongly urge you to get on the mailing list with CI, Thompson, JR Cigar and anyone else you can.  They send email only deals every day.  I can forward them to you.  Just ask.

Going outside to look at the snow with a 5 Vegas Series A Anomaly.  Happy shopping.