Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Pluck the Cardinals

Contributed by Kathe Frahm

The old woman who always brings the Mickey Mouse doll and blanket wasn't at the home for the Chiefs game. There were only two old women in the rec room for that game. Naturally it was her fault that their boys lost.

She was here for the Cardinals game with Mickey and somewhat edible muffins. Old women are tough critics.

From the first kick-off, the old women buzzed about a different attitude they were seeing. Their Seattle Seahawks were already having fun. When Steve Hauschka got on the board with a field goal, the old women relaxed a bit. For a while some of them were saying that the Hawks would just field goal the Cardinals to death. That seemed to be OK. This way they would see a lot more of Steve.

Russell Wilson made the old women proud. Comments about him being so cute and sneaky topped the conversation. They screamed when he got sacked... every time. But when he rolled right or left and took off running “Run Russell, Run” must have been heard all over the home. Into the game it looked like the Cardinal replacement QB Drew Stanton was taking lessons from Russell: taking off with the ball and sliding to keep from getting hurt.

It did come up that Carson Palmer had just signed a new contract for 50 million and then soon after ended his season with a torn ACL. Well, at least the old women thought his 20.5 million guarantee would probably help him get by while he was off work.

A big worry for the old women was Marshawn Lynch. After all these months of watching him bulldog right into the front line defense, they knew he would probably get hurt. And he did. He even took some time off the field to get some rest for his back. The good news was that he did continue to play and run up some more rushing yards.

The old women were happy to see some favorites back in the game after injuries: safety Kam Chancellor and linebacker Bobby Wagner.

It seemed that with all of these boys back, the Cardinals could not win. The old women couldn't explain the 'legion of boom' but they thought they saw it working. When Cooper Helfet picked up Cardinal Rob Houlser and threw him, it gave the spark the Hawks needed and the ball. The only TD was made by Cooper with a 20 yard catch and run to the end-zone.

There is nothing that can make old women a part of a home Seahawks game like the sheer volume of the 12th man. Little gray-haired old women in their Hawks t-shirts, blue and green earrings, home-made junk food, yelled as loud as they could and chanted along with the Hawk chant.

It mattered that their boys won against the 9-1 Cardinals

But what meant more, was that the old women shared the excitement of winners. In their lives, they haven't always won. Some hardly at all.