Monday, January 16, 2012

Cathartes Aura 3 Page

Trying to be more deadline-oriented this year.  I functioned well in a school environment and now I find I'm more successful if I give myself assignments.  I've completed my first assignment.

I vowed to get the first chapter of CA3 done last night and I did it.  "Last Call Mall" is the working title, but I'm not sure I like it.  Any suggestions?  Something involving shopping and armageddon and of course beginning with "Cathartes Aura".  Easy, right?

At the top of the blog next to David Priest you'll find the Cathartes Aura at the Last Call Mall page link.  I'll keep updating it as the project moves along.  No deadline yet for the completion of the whole piece.  I am having another baby in March.  That might take up some writing time.  Can't figure out what to name him either.

Next deadlines:

Finish the first 24 hours of the David Priest story by the end of January.  I don't expect it to be perfect by then, but as soon as it is I'll publish it at as a free novella.

Participate in this Flash Fiction Contest.  First weekend in February.

Pursue publishing for CA1 and CA2.  Submit to numerous publishing companies until I'm just plain sick of it.

I can't lie on a blog, so I have to do these things.  Enjoy Chapter 1.