Saturday, January 28, 2012

Writing with David Priest

It's been a good weekend of writing so far.  "Inside the Skull of David Priest" is really coming together.  As planned, I should have a complete rough draft done by the end of the month and the finished novella polished and published at Smashwords by the end of February.

My goal is to reveal his character and environment though 24 hours of his life, from the start of one shift to the start of the next.  If it gets attention and I have time, I'd love to write a novel.

Right now, I have most of his shift and some of his late-night adventures.  I only need to fill in the closing of his shift, his morning, and his afternoon.  I hope to get most of that done tomorrow.

Until then, read my rough draft.  I'll keep updating it.  I'd love your feedback especially about what doesn't fit, what doesn't sound right, and what things a non-restaurant person doesn't understand.

This contains Adult Content.  This is never going to be a book for the kiddies.  Sex, drugs, and a small amount of rock & roll.

Inside the Skull