Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Over Charged

Contributed by Kathe Frahm

Old women lose. Some more than others. They could not understand how their Seahawks lost to the San Diego Chargers. Old women are really good at excuses. Some old women live their lives one excuse to the next. But with the 'Hawks, excuses were all from a Mom point of view: it was too hot, refs favored the Chargers, etc.

It took a while to just say the Seahawks were outplayed. The women expected another win as a given. After all, their Seahawks were the Super Bowl winners, weren't they?

Philip Rivers, trash-talking 33 year old QB of the Chargers scrambled, stayed in the pocket just long enough and his linemen covered him like a blanket. The women yelled for the defense to hit him in the knees.

Russell Wilson was left open to getting dropped, rushed, stopped and rendered only marginally effective. "Don't hurt him," they screamed.

The old women yelled for the Seahawks' defense to get with it. A sense of foreboding surfaced when they watched the offensive line melt in the sunny San Diego heat.All the usual conversations came to a halt when one of the women mentioned Ray Rice.

They all had seen the elevator scene over and over. A few quiet comments were made about the bastard husbands who slap their wives and kids around. Old women can get real sad and sullen very quickly. The collection of women and men at the home reflects some hard times. They know even rich families suffer domestic abuse, not just women like them.

Football players are big and strong and have no business hitting their families for any reason. The one old man would like to get his wrinkled arthritic hands on a 2x4 and straighten that Rice kid out. The old women had to laugh at that vision of this skinny old guy with 4 teeth beating up a player.

It did take the gloom out of the room and the women got back to screaming for their boys to DO something.

The Rec Room bunch did agree that the Chargers played well, but thought some Seahawk could have tripped Antonio Gates on at least touchdown play. It was his game. They couldn't take that away from him.

When it was all over, the old women said that their boys needed a reality check. The Seahawks would certainly feast on some horsemeat next week when the Broncos come to Seattle.