Friday, September 26, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Bronco Sugar Cookies

contributed by Kathe Frahm

The old women straggled into the rec room at the home for the Seattle Seahawks game. One of them had baked a plate of horse-shaped sugar cookies with orange frosting . She said some extra luck couldn't hurt and just couldn't think of eating horse meat.

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, not an old women favorite, was at once the heart of the old women's ridicule His 36 year old spaghetti arm was worse and his hairline is receding, and his arrogance of trying to look like the best player on the field didn't work. He was only among the oldest. And it showed.

The old women just roared when they realized that most of them were twice Peyton's age.

It was a game to to just settle back and cheer their boys on to victory...except for the last 41 second Bronco drive to tie up the score. As one, the old women screamed and groaned thinking this could not happen. They were not sure about the tie/overtime play rules.

Russell Wilson said after the game the interception he threw to hit Percy Harvin for an outside run was a learning experience. Russell thought he could thread a pass to Harvin but Bronco Chris Harris made the crucial interception.

The Bronco biased and annoying CBS game announcers stated often that Russell was too small and a 3rd round draft choice. Old women hate anyone who picks on their 'Hawks, especially Russell.

His final 80 yard drive some old woman said looked like pure Russell; keep moving forward and hang onto the ball just like Marshawn. In overtime with the 'Hawk's TD, the old women could breathe again. In between the screaming and laughing many offered proposals to Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman and Steve Hauschka ...again. It was noted that the Seahawks management better start saving up for what its going to take to keep Russell in Seattle.

The old women had many lascivious comments about their surfer boy coach, Pete Carroll. Old women don't care what others think about what they say. Just living long enough gives them the right to say what they please. They did worry that Pete wasn't chewing enough gum. Another home down the street said all the old women there were going to bring gum to chew for the next game...whether they had teeth or not. Many said they might have to nap in the afternoon as the Washington 'Skins game wasn't until 5:30PM
The old women made fresh coffee and the Bronco sugar cookies were passed around. Cookies are much better eating than horse meat.