Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Bird Fight

More old women and men came to the rec room at the home for the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles game. Even an old man brought snacks. Ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Old women do food well. They don't have anyone to cook for. The rec room snack table was full of hot baked biscuits, sliced cheeses, salads and Christmas candies.

The old women's decorating committee outdid themselves with this year's rec room holiday display. They wrapped everything hanging on the wall: pictures, corkboard and calendars with Christmas gift wrap and bows. Someone did take down the Hawks' schedule and tape it to the TV before it got hidden. Greenery, colored ornaments, lights, more bows and toys were placed all around the room... everywhere.

The old women as a group had a good feeling about the Eagles game. They read how tough Eagles coach Chip Kelly was. They immediately compared him to their surfer boy Pete Carroll. Some comments made about Kelly weren't nice: too out of shape and grumpy. Old women don't have to be nice.

The one old women know-it-all went on and on about the Seahawks hawk really being an Augur Vulture from Africa and is never around water. This brought cries to sit down and shut up. The old women did not need a lesson in ornithology.

The Eagles were another team with a young fill-in QB. Mark Sanchez got good points for being really handsome. Coach Carroll and Sanchez were part of the USC '09 team that got beat by Coach Kelly at Oregon State.

When the opposing team gets the first TD, the old women quiet down. With so many in the room, there were at least 10 conversations going on at the same time. Shushing each other is done loudly and not too politely. Old women don't have to be polite.

It soon became apparent that their boys were completely in charge of this game. Russell Wilson was in top form throwing for 263 yards and running for 48 while Sanchez gained 96 and 7. One old women noted that their boys seemed to hang on to the ball most of the game. Someone said later that the Hawks were in control of the football over 40 minutes.

The old women's heroes were all in top form. Marshawn, Russell, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner and most fun was watching Richard Sherman point at and tease the fans and the players. Old women love that attitude. They said he was lucky he didn't get a penalty call for taunting.

The old women grudgingly said that the refs for this game in Philly were at least not just on the Hawks. "Fair" is not a word that comes up much regarding refs as old women believe their boys get picked on with penalty calls more than the opposing teams. The call to repeat a play because the ref wasn't "in place" just baffles the old women. Who tells the refs where they are supposed to be? Seemed to be the funniest question.

For those old women who know, sportscasters said the whole week that the Eagles fast no huddle offense would be a problem for the Hawks. One old woman said they obviously did not experience Kam or Bobby or KJ Wright or Michael Bennett heading in their face. The "Legion of Boom" took no prisoners this game. For the old women it is an attitude thing. They like that.