Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Creeper Report: Fantasy Football Week 16

I'm getting to the report. I've been hired to write several articles on green cars plus some other things this week.

Besides, did any of us get to Week 16 on the backs of Titans and Jaguars? The Charlie Whitehurst/Chad Henne Bowl? You may want to play Jacksonville's defense here, but please have some better options.

Baltimore is in the middle of a three game stretch playing rookie quarterbacks. Try that instead.


Alright. I knocked out most of my work last night. I wrote about the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Mitsubishi concept cars, the Toyota RAV4 EV. I have a piece on Tata, an Indian conglomerate, and a couple pieces on Elon Musk ahead of me. It's good to be busy.

I told you that last night would have little fantasy football meat on the bone. If you were crazy or desperate enough to start Toby Gerhart, Leon Washington or Jordan Todman, you earned double digit points. Both quarterbacks did so-so. Blake Bortles surprised me by playing with a sprained foot.

How'd you like to be the guy that said: "Aw, screw it. I'm starting Chad Henne."

As for The Creepers, because I know you care as much as me, we're fighting for two championships this week. Bethanie's league has a Week 17 championship and I'm still in the final four. The only league I can't win is Andy's, where I predictably was bisected by the buzz-saw. DeMarco Murray didn't break his hand until he'd beaten me. I was still alive Monday night and only lost by 10 rather than the predicted 32. A top 4 finish ain't bad.

Please note that we have two games on Saturday, so get your lineups ready before you black out tonight. And do us all a favor and black out on your couch or at least with your keys at the bottom of a bowl of Kool-Aid in the freezer, for safety's sake.

If you've made it this far, you know what you're doing. Don't do anything crazy. Here're a few notes regarding this weekend though:

Rashad Jennings is Out

Fortunately, it's a nice clear O and none of that Q crap. Andre Williams is getting the start, against St. Louis unfortunately. That's a nasty D, but he'll get touches and is worth a play unless you're stacked at RB.

Jonathan Stewart is Starting

DeAngelo Williams will play in an emergency situation. Cam Newton's back and should run sparingly, so that's Stew's job. I expect the Panthers to feast on Johnny Manwich, providing plenty of short fields and run-out-the-clock opportunities.

Jordan Cameron was a Blink

What was that on my fantasy radar? For a moment last week, I thought maybe Jordan Cameron would benefit from Manziel starting. I was needy at TE and rolled the dice. One catch, four yards, crapped out. Picking up Dwayne Allen.

Giovani the Back-Up

Jeremy Hill has firmly taken the lead and goal-line role in Cincinnati. Giovani Bernard is far from dead, but I'm not believing in him for the rest of this year. Against Denver, they'll be chucking it and neither back will see much groundwork. Outside of a big pass play, I don't think Gio puts up too many points.

I Hate the Raiders

This is not a news flash. Also non-shocking: the Jets offense is not good. I have Chris Ivory on a couple teams and don't want to start him. I have the chance to grab Latavius Murray. Seeing him play against the Seahawks in the preseason, he looked dangerous both running and catching it. He's finally getting a chance. Now, I don't like my heart making decisions my head should make, but I just don't want to put Week 16 in the hands of a Raider. Ain't owned one all year. Ain't starting now. Let's go, Chris Ivory.

Fantasy Football Reflections Coming

It's good to look back while the season is still fresh in your mind to see what you did right and what you did wrong. What predictions came true and which were hooey? I did a lot of yapping this year. Let's see how much looks brilliant now.

In the weeks following the season, I'll look into the draft, tight ends, defenses, individual predictions and next year's stars.

Until then, good luck and happy creepings.