Friday, February 14, 2014

How To Buy Cigars

Some places on this planet, it's tough finding good cigars.  I have very few choices.

A couple of shops with limited selection where a good stick costs at least $7 are within 10 miles of me.  These shops are open regular business hours and are not there for me when I have a late night want.

I can go to the cigar bar I used to work at where I'll spend at least $12 for one but most likely will spend a couple hours there, have a few drinks and drop a bill.  That's if I don't go to the attached casino.

But I'm a cheap dude and work late.  If I want a puff after midnight, I have to plan ahead.

Good news.  This is the 21st century.  And every once in a while, I do plan ahead.  I've learned a couple things about getting good cigars at good prices.

Step One: Get a humidor.  I posted on that last week.  Get it seasoned.  Now you can buy in bulk and store them.

Step Two: Buy some cigars.  You want one now.  Just buy a few.  Put them in your box.  Read "Cigar for the End of the World".  Now you can be patient for a good deal.  

Step Three: Sign up for the mailing list on the following sites and a few more.  Make looking for deals a hobby.  Things go on sale for 60% off or more all the time.  You just need to wait for a bargain to pop up on something you like someplace.  Easier to do with a cigar in your jaw and a few in your humidor.

These guys seem to have the best buying power of anyone.  Always grabbing things for their closeout corner.  Always putting good stuff on sale.  Check them daily.  The Joe Cigar deal is great.  They always do a weekly and a weekend sale plus occasional 24 hour deals.  When you see a good one, pounce.

They rival CI in ability to get great product at great prices.  Plus, I can always find a free shipping plus 10% off coupon online.  Just search for "thompson cigar coupon".  I hate paying for shipping.  Avoid their cigar club, unless you consume mass quantities.  They'll want to auto-ship you stuff that's not as cheap or good as you like.

Not as solid as the other two, but they produce their own house brands that are good buys.  So does Thompson, but I've tried neither.  I always find a name brand one I like for a good price.

Also with a solid selection and good sales.  You never know when a steal will show up.  Keep an eye on them.

This is where I got my humidor.  They have a questionable selection of cigars, but you can nab a combo deal.

Bottom Line
Make shopping online a hobby.  Get on the mailing list for a bunch of sites and cruise them.  Stuff goes on sale for only hours sometimes.  When you run into 10 LGC Serie Ns for $37 plus a $10 gift card, grab them.  Tomorrow, they will be gone.

Happy smoking and shopping.