Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mortal and Fragile

I had big plans for today.  I got emotionally derailed.  I found out a buddy from college just died.

Ron Powell.  43 years old.  Gone from a massive heart attack while he slept.  He was married to a friend from college, too.  They just found out two weeks ago their 4 year old son had cancer.  Chemo was starting.  They were gearing up for a battle.

Now Ezekiel is fighting it without his dad.  His mother and sister are crushed.  Life is harsh and beautiful.  Life is short and vivid.  Appreciate every day.

EZ is Nikolas' age.  Alex and Ron are hardly older than me.  We went to the same school.  Could this be me?  Certainly.

But this is not about me.  If you never knew them, go here and look at their faces.  Think about it.  If you can help, help here.  Remember, even sharing the story is helping.

Tell all those you love how much you love them.  Hold them tight.  Cherish today and tomorrow if you get one.  And the next day like it's the only one.

I was going to write other stuff today, but Super Bowl blah blah just isn't important right now.