Thursday, February 13, 2014

What My Gorgeous Illustrator Did in our Dining Room

When you buy a house, you fill it up with all the things you need: appliances and furniture.  You do necessary repairs.  You customize things, like new paint and curtains.  Then you have these blank spaces on the walls.

We bought a new dining room table built from dark wood.  We repainted the kitchen and dining room in a warm soft brown.  Then we needed something over the table.  Too much wall.  Not enough personality.

So my wife got some canvases.  She's fond of multi-panel works and did an attention-grabbing triptych for our entry way.  She imagined a four-panel rectangular collection in the shape of a window.

She got to work.  She created some patterns I liked then painted over them.  Her standards are always higher than mine.  Eventually she had a finished product utilizing the primary colors from the room.  To me, it reminds me of rising steam, growing trees and lightning.

Now, she always disagrees with me because she lacks confidence in her own ability, but I know she can do more of this.  With practice, she can expand on this style and do custom pieces based on primary colors in any environment.  "No, I can never do that," she would say.

How to bring out confidence in a budding artist?  It takes positive feedback from unbiased sources.  To have your husband say it is great is one thing.  To hear it from a stranger is another entirely.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, I'll take this platform to express my ongoing adoration for my wife.  This painting style encapsulates what she brings to my life.  She knows how to strip away all that's unimportant.  She can make something beautiful from something simple.  She is a gently curving collection of ribbons.

And women who paint are sexy.

Miluji tě,  Miláčku.