Sunday, October 19, 2014

Percy and the Jets Part Three: What it Means for Fantasy Football Owners

Percy and the Jets...

Again robbing Elton John and forgetting to mention Bernie Taupin

Sure the Percy Harvin trade affects real football teams and actual business owners. But what about what really matters? Fantasy football.

One of my four Creepers teams owns Percy. First of all, he's not playing this week. What do I do this week, what do I do next week and how does this whole chunk of mayhem affect the entire fantasy world from here on out?

As mentioned in the latest Creeper Report, Rueben Randle will see more action with Victor Cruz out. I'm plugging him into Harvin's spot in Andy's League. On a wide-receiver deep lineup, I also have Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate and Kelvin Benjamin starting with Chris Ivory and Lamar Miller at running back. I'm looking to be sure that Kelvin plays despite his concussion. I may have to audible in a few hours.

Next week, when Harvin first puts on a Jets' uniform against the Buffalo Bills, I'm sure New York will try to prove they made a good choice. They'll get the ball in Percy's hands. He'll see double digit touches. Start him and expect his best game of the year.

After that? I don't expect him to stay happier with the Jets than he was with the Seahawks. I don't believe in the Jets' offense. The Bills' game could be his best.

I think it will be a good move for Chris Ivory. You'll see some of the same jet sweep/read option stuff Seattle ran with Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. Harvin will create space and distractions for Ivory. His value will increase.

If you ever thought Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley were startable, stop. They just got pushed toward the rear. One of them may even get punched out.

If you had to consider starting Geno Smith and think Percy may help his fantasy value, quit and get involved in fantasy hockey now. As I said in Part Two, Geno's getting a screen pass to Percy picked for six in the next couple weeks.

Regarding Seattle, the team will come out as happy as you've seen them in a long time. Marshawn and Russell have big days against the Rams. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse are on the edge of startable. Depends on your team and the depth of the league. Both guys are capable of very useful 6 point games. Yet touchdowns can happen, too.

I'd wait to see what the Seahawks' offense looks like post-Percy before getting too bold.

I added Paul Richardson in two of my leagues. The ones with the deep benches. The other two have benches of four or five.

I think the Percy trade is a vote of confidence for Richardson. Would you pay a speedy receiver a ton of money to create bad chemistry or choose a cheaper speedster whole create none of it?

I'm stashing Richardson way down deep in case I become right.