Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Rammed

Contributed by Kathe Frahm.

The old women knew that their boys could beat the loser St. Louis Rams.
After the loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the old women were in need of some reassurance that their team was OK. Dallas played good football. Scary football.

Fewer old women traipsed into the rec room for the Rams game. Comments were made that those not there were a bunch of 'fair weather sissy fans'. No old men showed up for this game and when the women met them in the halls at the home they already said the Seattle Seahawks were just a flash in the pan. Not even the free food brought the old men in.

The old woman who left some leftover little cupcakes in the rec room freezer after the Cowboys game was really not surprised that they were gone. Old men and women take advantage of what they can. This is learned behavior. Lives of privation make this easy. No one really got upset about it. They probably had all been there. She went upstairs and got a box of store-bought Halloween cookies to share.

Austin Davis, the Rams' QB, looked to be another easy baby-faced target for the 'Hawks defense. The old women's confidence began to waver a little when it was plain the Hawks were in trouble at the half, down 21 to 6. It did get better when Russell Wilson took over the game with 313 passing yards and 3 tds. Screaming and yelling gave a little life to the room. The old women believed that their boys would pull off a win and get a lead in the NFC West even though 4 of their favorite boys were out with injuries: C Max Unger, TE Zach Miller, CB Byron Maxwell and LB Bobby Wagner. Missing these big boys was worrisome.

What they couldn't see was the little Rams WR, Tavon Austin, who faked a fair catch on a John Ryan punt and the 'Hawks defenders had to just try and catch up to receiver Stedman Bailey, who ran 90 yards for a TD. This and what the old women believed was an unfair call on a Richard Sherman fumble recovery with about 1 minute to go convinced them that their boys had to play against the referees as well.

The old women left the rec room more dismayed and a little sad after this loss. It was supposed to be a cake walk to hand the Rams another defeat and move up in the NFC West. Even though many of them have had a lot of practice at losing, they still don't like it.

This time the old woman who brought the Halloween cookies took the leftovers home.