Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Creeper Report: Fantasy Football Week 7

This week's Creeper Report will be a brief one. No time for a list of 10 things. I've been too busy writing about new cars and old colleges, working my normal job, doing immature things with my kids and actually going to the gym.

But I'd better throw a few thoughts at you for this week so you can do the opposite and win.

50/50 Week for the Creepers

I fly with Russell and I die with Russell. Percy Harvin's no points didn't help either. The Creepers and I went 2-2 this weekend. All teams are above .500 and firmly in the playoff chase. No need to panic. Keep picking up useful free agents, starting studs and streaming defenses playing cupcakes.

Defenses I Like

Last week the Raiders spoiled my Chargers call. The worst kind of bad team is the one that shows flashes of okayness at the wrong time.

This week I like:
Buffalo against Minnesota
Cleveland against Jacksonville
New England against the Jets

Hopefully you're already onto the last one because they start playing soon.

Teddy Bridgewater looked good the first time out, but after last week he needs to look good again before I start picking on him.

Stevan Ridley Out

I never trust Patriots running backs, but when the field gets thin it gets easier to predict. Either Brandon Bolden or Shane Vereen have a good day here. If your backfield demands that you have to roll the dice, I'd go with Vereen. More likely to catch passes and he's played more this year.

Speaking of Thursday football, I don't feel good about anything Jets, but injuries and byes have forced me to use Chris Ivory. I like the dude's skills and he's stayed healthier than ever before, but New York could end up down early, killing the running game.

Victor Cruz Out

This opens things up for Rueben Randle and makes opportunity for Odell Bechkam Jr. But after last week's shutout, I don't like anything Giants. I would grab both of those receivers for later, though. I want Rashad Jennings back, but until then Andre Williams will have to do.

And I'm Out

Things to lift, people to tickle and nonsense to write. Next week, the Creeper Report gets started after Monday Night Football. I'll never be worth anything doing this if I can't be reliable. I don't miss deadlines for others. How come I miss my own.

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women coming very soon.