Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seattle Seahawks and Old Women: Roped and Tied

Contributed by Kathe Frahm.

The old women walked into the rec room. They brought more food and candy than usual. There were more old men at this game so not much
food went to waste.

They had good times before the game deriding the Dallas Cowboys. The old women told of their dislike for Texas, Texans and the Cowboys, especially QB Tony Romo, another 30+ Quarterback hanging on to play a younger man's game. They were hoping he'd fumble a snap and he did.

The old women heard all the hype about how good the Cowboys' defensive line was. They also believe their Seattle Seahawks could handle anything the Cowboys threw at them. They were wrong. Partway through the first quarter, a feeling of unease went around the rec room. One old woman went to her room to put on her lucky Seahawk T-shirt; another went to get her lucky 'Hawk socks. When they returned to the rec room, they hoped that a little good mojo might help their boys.
The old women were relieved that Steve Hauschka got off an early field goal.

That was a usual start to a winning game. But they worried that their boys were intimidated by the Cowboys defensive line. Russell Wilson was harassed and stopped almost completely. Even Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin were held to unimpressive yardage. The old women saw that their 'Hawks weren't having any fun. This was not good. The Cowboys, on the other hand , showed every 12th fan at Century Link Field just how much fun they were having.

The old men in the room yelled at Russell and the Seahawks' offense to man up and move in on the Texas front line and for the defense to not let Demarcus Murray get loose for a big gain. They complained that Murray running for another 100 yards almost untouched made the 'Hawks look like Junior Varsity.

The old women told the men to stop yelling and get a positive attitude.

Often in the lives of old women at the home they'll speak of what they've lost.

Perhaps the 'Hawks losing when they were supposed to win stirred memories of the helplessness they went through when they could see the losses coming . They've lost children, homes, health, husbands, and with that, the loss of security, finance and family, but they've endured. At least here at the home, with the Seahawks and each other the old women are not completely alone. Someone is nearby to comfort and bring a cookie when sadness takes over.

The old women figure the St. Louis Rams, at 1-4, will be more fun to play. Some in the room remember when the Rams were in LA and played at the Colosseum. There were big stars in those days like Merlin Olson, Rosey Grier, Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones. Though the Rams left LA in '94, the ghosts of an exciting Southern California football team remain.

Today, the St. Louis Rams have 6 or 7 quarterbacks to use. The old women think it would be fun to run through them all.