Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Oscuro Corner Needs Humidor Space

To get good cigar deals you need patience and email. That's it.

Connect to as many cigar sites as you can and watch your inbox. Good things will show up. Sometimes great things.

Like when Cigars International put a bunch of good cigars on sale for $2 each and I snagged that 5 Vegas Series A bundle.

Now I just found a deal you really need to grab because I can't. I just bought some a few weeks ago and really don't have the room. Time to spend money on my wife's birthday, not my own anymore.

Maduro Madness is the Weekly Special at CI. Mazos of maduros as low as $1.50 a piece. What's caught my eye from the 15 choices?

5 Vegas Triple A. I keep hearing that these are intense on another level. 15 for $39.99. Damn. I'm thinking about it.

Also the Diesels and the Genesis the Projects have my attention.

I need to smoke these vicariously through you.

In exchange, the Oscuro Corner will keep the antennae up.

One more bit of advice: avoid those Drew Estate Naturals. When you must dip the tips of your cigars in sugar, you're not using good tobacco. Always mediocre leaves with perfume on them from that dude.

Oh yeah. Search for a coupon code and you can get a sampler 10 pack for $8 and a 5 count Herf-a-dor for another $5.

Here's the link. One week only.