Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Flash 2012, August 24: In the Woods

The post-apocalypse will test whether or not the skills you've learned still matter.

Stock broker?  Not so much.  Farmer?  Definitely. Carpenter?  Sure.  Executive?  Not really.

Your world may turn into a full-time camping trip.  Those prepared to rough it will have an advantage.

A tent, sleeping bag, fishing pole, backpack and a good set of boots attached to strong legs will all be useful.

Ability to start a fire and cook over it will be handy.

Actually being at peace with such a simple lifestyle may be the greatest strength.

Going back to the "On Holiday" piece, would life be all that bad if I lived out of a tent on an alpine lake and there was no city at all to return to?

That's my boy Sam, from the CA project, who came home from a backpacking trip to find there was no home.