Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Flash 2012, August 28: Frog

Not even sure what to say about this, but frogs eat each other all the time.  When dozens of frogs hatch simultaneously, the largest and strongest eat the others.

I always look into the human equivalent of animal behavior.  And the animal equivalent of human behavior.  We're only a little more advanced than they, scarcely more civilized and often more brutal.

I'm fascinated by chimpanzee society.  When a female chimp goes into estrus, every mature male mates with her.  When she gives birth, no one knows which male is the father, so all children are loved and protected equally.

The opposite is true of lion society.  When a young male overpowers an older male and takes over his harem, he kills every cub.  The females immediately go into estrus.  The new alpha male mates with every female and knows each new cub is his.  The old line is snuffed out.

I think both of these behaviors play out in post-apocalyptic human society.

What's to be done with this idea of frog cannibalism?  Will the strongest people consume the weak to maintain their strength?