Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blog Flash 2012, August 30: Winning

I won.

I got everything I wanted out of this.

More blog hits in August than any other three months combined.

Considerably more comments and feedback.

Tripled my Twitter followers.

But that and $3 will get me a parking spot at work.

Time to get back to the grindstone.  Cathartes Aura 3 has stalled, but I needed a break from that.  And I have two months to finish my submission for Pavarti K. Tyler's Penny-A-Page Erotica.

Will be a busy next sixty days for this boy.

But I need deadlines.  This whole thing got started when my wife said: "You've been talking about this long enough.  Finish it this year and I'll illustrate the cover for you."

What I really need to finish is the David Priest novel.  Thousand line poems are the sort of things most appreciated when the author's been dead a century.  People buy novels from living people.

It's been a blast.  I'll be posting weekly preview stanzas of CA3, so stay tuned.

I'll leave you with my favorite 10x10:

Fake Flowers

I like flowers fake, sewn and glued, nylon
And polyester. Woven frayed petals,
With coarse grain, plastic stems, acrylic dew.
Never lie nor wilt. Won’t curl or change face.
Sunlight or dark, will be with you always.
In a dollar vase, give me fake flowers.
Unscented, no pollen or honeybees.
Not hungry, always growing at the sun.
Fabricate me twelve bomb-proof pseudo-silk
Injection-molded polymer flowers.